Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Remembering Ninong…My coffee buddy

It was 1996 when I first met Mr. Rodolfo C. Bagay. At that very moment, I felt the sincerity and warmth in him. Ang sabi ko pa nga sa sarili ko…”Ang bait naman pala ng principal dito sa tinawag pa ko na ‘Sir’!” I can still remember those golden days when the entire faculty will have lunch together in a big table with Sir Bagay telling stories that would make us laugh and sometimes think about some intelligent anecdotes. Since then, he never ceased to play father to me. Although the father image is very strong, the authority as the principal of the school is always there, oozing with dignity and warmth, not to mention his great sense of humor. You will never see him angry or raised his voice when things are not in the right places. Minsan nga e pinapagalitan na pala niya kami e di mo pa mararamdaman. Matatauhan ka na lang pagkatapos ng pag uusap ninyo. Kasi, dun mo lang maiisip at mararamdaman na napagalitan ka pala. Sir Bagay is fond of using words that are subtle and nice yet piercing. May kurot, wika nga.

One of the happiest memories I have with Sir Bagay was the time when the rest of the male faculty will have our “For the Boys Session” few years ago. He would always offer the comfort of his house for us to have some happy gatherings after a day’s hard work. By the way, I am Sir Bagay’s recording secretary since last school year. Would you believe that after I typed in and printed some of his documents, he would be the one who will offer me his sugarfree coffee (sometimes coupled with a piece of bread or biscuit)? Where in the world can you find someone like him? Kung minsan nga e mabibigla ka na lang, kasi matatawag mo siya na “Tatay” sa halip na Sir Bagay. We are indeed very lucky to have a principal and a father in one incredible person.

Before I forget, Sir Bagay is also my “ninong” in “Kumpil”. Ewan ko ba kung ano ang nangyari at di ako nakumpilan nuong bata pa ako. Pero nuong nagdesisyon ako na magpakumpil sa edad na 32 taong gulang, walang ibang tao o personalidad sa buhay ko ang naisip ko na gawing ninong kundi si Sir Bagay lang. And then, after the confirmation rites, I received a gift from him (hahahaha! parang bata!)… a bible. Maybe Ninong is telling me that aside from asking him pieces of advice, I can always ask God for guidance, protection and forgiveness.

When my biological father died in December 1999, instantly, of course, I lost my dearest father. I can still remember the time when all the good memories of my father flashed before my eyes. Now…feeling of lost and pain are here again. I lost another father.

My three-in-one coffee buddy…my father, my mentor, my ninong.

Field trip

These pictures were taken during the ICSB fieldtrip in Enchanted Kingdon in Sta. Rosa, Laguna last September 27, 2006. Super lakas ng ulan dahil kay "Milenyo"... pero ok lang. Kahit basang basa lahat ang mga bata e sige pa rin sa pag sakay ng rides. We really had a lot of fun.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

My First Entry

My latest cute picture.. hehehe
This is my first blog entry. I am excited to post my daily activities here as well as my pictures taken everyday... hehehe! I am sure my students will love this. Hope to have some fun here on my blog. I want to let the world see me and share a piece of me. This picture was taken during my break in ICSM Metropolis. Ang saya saya... hehehe